A Brief Intro

Same Path Different Shoe


We took over from former owners

Paul and Cynthia, opening the doors on 

April 4 2018. I've come to realize over the 

past few months, my size 8 shoe 

isn't getting any bigger. 

The shoes that graced Chin-Gon before, were. 

I understand that I won't be able to fill them, but rather carve my own path. 

Kick the sand off your flip-flops and come relax with us. Two things are guaranteed - good eats and good beats.

Reinvent The Wheel?


You know the saying: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Same dishes, same sauces. 

There's Room on the Board


I love to cook. Experiment. Try new things. Expect some exciting new additions to the already amazing menu.

Our idea from day one has been to create and serve super great, fresh, full-flavored food that has a beginning, middle, 

and finish to every bite. 

Everything at Chin-Gon is ruled by taste.

All Roads Lead Home - The Lo Down


What I don't have are any degrees, certificates or hats to hang. What I do have is an immense passion to cook, a love for all people, the knowledge I would be dead without music, and a really great knife!


My best friend. Funny. Personable. Smart. 

The consummate host. Oh she may say she's a bit shy, but once she gets going ...

The Family

Our kids, Olivia, Sophie and Abby.
Our crazy dog Beans and the best
hunter-cat ever Tig.

The rest of the Chin-Gon family

Destry - She thinks she's funny, but I'm funnier. 

She's an amazing student-cook, extraordinaire. 

So talented.

Katie - Now she has a hat to hang. 

Or maybe an apron.

Watch out, Katie will be bringing her 

10+ years of living in Thailand, and culinary craftsmanship straight to the wok. 

Ozzy - He'll be the go to guy for pretty much everything. He'll make sure your belly is full, 

you grooved to song or two and that we'll see you again.
Chelli - Our prep gal and master of the universe.

Jasmine - Our wok washing wizard